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Neuralearth Tech Services - About Us

Who We Are

NeuralEarth began with the mission of bridging the gap between small and mid-size businesses and information security. No matter the size of your company, the infosec professionals at NeuralEarth are dedicated to helping you protect your data from online threats. Criminal hackers do not discriminate based on size- large or small, they will not hesitate to deploy ransomware, malware or phishing methods against your company. Businesses targeted by these criminals often face both longterm and short-term consequences ranging from delayed transactions and services, loss of customer PII (Personally Identifiable Information), damage to the company's reputation, government fines and potentially permanent cessation of business. The professionals at NeuralEarth are certified and highly trained to take on the cyber-threats that your company faces day to day, and prevent those that lie in the future. We strive to keep your data, business and community safe.

With our specialized service approach we provide cost effective alternatives to leading IT solutions without sacrificing quality. Our Portland managed services range from cloud desktops and infrastructure to 24/7 on site support and incident response.