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Managed Technology Services

Managed Technology Services

Modern information technology can be such a hassle. With software and operating systems receiving almost weekly updates to fix the latest security vulnerabilities, down time is almost guaranteed. This is one of several key areas that managed IT services can make all the difference. Patch management is one of the ways we work for you to ensure that downtime during works hours is a thing of the past. No more waiting for that latest update to finish before you start the day.

Information security is becoming an increasingly important issue. Our managed technology solutions include some of the best services currently available as a part of the package. Our management platform is HIPPA compliant. The systems we manage undergo routine security auditing to ensure that and issues are caught and corrected. Endpoints under our management have the latest protection from viruses and malware as well as industry leading ransomware protection.

Our commitment to personalized services is like no other, starting with your first phone call. There are no automated systems here, you always get a live person directly. Our quick response time and commitment to personal service is what make the managed technology services of Neuralearth stand out in the crowd.

Endpoint management and software support

With a variety of service options to choose from, Neuralearth offers only the best when it comes to managing your companies I.T.

Professional security services

One of the key benefits of our managed platform is the inclusion of penetration testing and local security auditing.