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Neuralearth Tech Services - Data Recovery

Data Recovery

The ONLY local data recovery labratory

NeuralEarth began as a partnership with Does Not Compute and now offers the ONLY data recovery labratory local to Portland. In addition to housing the sole local labs for this type of IT work, we also provide courier services for safe and secure transport of your device to and from our location at no additional cost.

Initial Diagnostics

Once we receive a drive, the initial process takes aproximately 3 business days. During this time we scrutinize every aspect of the hardware, its mechanical function and operation in order to determine if data can be recovered.

Data Recovery

Once our diagnosis is complete, we will contact you with the hardware prognosis and educate you on the best way to proceed. After this, the recovery process begins. Repair and imaging can take anywhere from a single day to 30 days depending on the severity of the damage. Our service fees are based on recovered data- not labor, setting us apart from other data recovery specialists.

Portland, OR Data Recovery

We are experts in external hard drive recovery and repair, lacie external hard drive recovery, western digital external hard drive recovery and many others. You data can be some of the most precious memories and every precaution is taken to ensure that your information is recovered quickly and safely. Our hard drive recovery services in Portland, OR are available 24/7 in case of an emergency. We can repair clicking hard drives, buzzing hard drives, and all types of hard drive repair.

Clean hood used in data recovery.

ISO Certified clean enviroment

Above you see pictured our ISO certified clean enviroment. This is used in procedues such as head swaps to ensure that particulates do not contaminate the internals of your drive.

Data Recovery

Due to the nature of the work, prices are quoted once recoverability is determined.